Scala Women's One Size Big Brim Raffia Hat

Scala Women's One Size Big Brim Raffia Hat Handmade
  • Sun hat for women – Enjoy a walk down the riviera with your straw hat. The 4” brim and linen band gives you what you want out a cute woven hats look mixed perfectly with the quality that comes with Scala women’s hats
  • Scala Raffia – The breathability of hand crocheted raffia straw makes this large brim hat functional and stylish, letting you take your summer straw hat anywhere you want.
  • Coolmax Coverage – Coolmax helps to optimize your performance and give you a dry fit as you bask in the Mediterranean glow. This women’s raffia round crown uses a Coolmax sweatband because you deserve to keep cool through it all.


Let the sun shine!
The UPF50+ rating on this product's close- weave material* will block 97.5% of the sun's UV rays, so don't forget your hat when enjoying the outdoors, remember to wear sun glasses and sunscreen.

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