A Modern Take on Classic Elegance: New Collections at Ingrid Wittmann

A Modern Take on Classic Elegance: New Collections at Ingrid Wittmann

Welcome to our design goal, where fashion meets consolation and you'll be able to discover the idealized furnish for any event! Whether you're investigating the chic lanes of Paris, the bustling roads of Unused York, the dynamic paths of São Paulo, or the energetic scenes of Mexico City, our collection of stylish clothing will keep you looking stylish and feeling comfortable. With things just like the Beverly Slopes hoodie, pink Los Angeles sweatshirt, and more, we've got your mold needs to be secured.

Beverly Slopes hoodie

Lift Your Fashion with Our Flexible Collection

Beverly Hills Cap

Our assorted clothing things incorporate hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, joggers, and slope caps, all planned to cater to your design needs over distinctive climates and societies. Each piece is made with care, utilizing high-quality materials to guarantee strength and consolation. Here’s a see of what we offer:


Hoodies and Sweatshirts: Cozy and in Vogue

No closet is total without some cozy hoodies and sweatshirts. Idealize for a chilly evening in Paris or a brisk morning in Modern York, our hoodies and sweatshirts combine warmth with fashion. Highlighting an assortment of plans, from classic plain colors to strong prints, there's something for everybody.

Why You’ll Cherish Them:

Delicate, high-quality texture

In vogue plans and colors

Idealize for layering

Among our top picks, the Beverly Slopes hoodie stands out for its mix of extravagance and consolation, making it a must-have for anybody looking to promote their casual closet.

T-Shirts: Easy and Cool

T-Shirts: Easy and Cool

T-shirts are a staple in any closet. Whether you’re investigating the dynamic neighborhoods of São Paulo or getting a charge out of a sunny day in Mexico City, our T-shirts offer the idealize mix of consolation and fashion. Accessible in a extend of colors and prints, they are simple to combine with anything.

Why You’ll Adore Them:

Lightweight and breathable

A la mode and flexible

Perfect for casual and semi-casual looks

Joggers: Comfortable and Chic

Joggers are not fair for the exercise center. Our collection of joggers is outlined to offer the greatest consolation without compromising on style. Idealize for a casual day out or a loose evening at domestic, these joggers are a must-have for your closet.

Why You’ll Adore Them:

Delicate, comfortable texture

Present-day, smart cuts

Flexible for different events

Slope Caps: The Culminate Extra

Slope Caps: The Culminate Extra

Complete your outfit with our in-vogue slope caps. Whether you would like security from the sun or need to include a cool adornment in your look, our slope caps are the culmination choice. Accessible in different plans and colors, they complement any equipment easily.

Why You’ll Love Them:

A la mode plans

Comfortable fit

Awesome for all-day wear

Shop by Area

We get it that mold inclinations can shift by area, which is why we offer collections custom-made to the interesting styles of Paris, Unused York, São Paulo, and Mexico City.

Paris: Easy Style

In Paris, fashion is all around easy tastefulness. Our Paris collection highlights chic and advanced pieces that mix classic design with cutting-edge patterns. Think smooth hoodies, in-vogue sweatshirts, and immortal T-shirts that culminate for layering.

New York: Urban Edge

Modern York's mold scene is differing and energetic, a bit like our Modern York collection. Embrace the urban edge with our run-of in-vogue hoodies, strong T-shirts, and smart joggers. These pieces are planned to keep up with the fast-paced life of the city.

São Paulo: Dynamic and Colorful

São Paulo is known for its dynamic and colorful culture, reflected in our São Paulo collection. Shining T-shirts, perky hoodies, and comfortable joggers make up this exuberant collection. Idealize for grasping the enthusiastic spirit of the city.

Mexico City: Energetic and Differing

Mexico City may be a melting pot of societies, and our Mexico City collection captures these differences. From smart slope caps to flexible T-shirts, each piece is planned to reflect the energetic mold scene of the city. Blend and coordinate to make your special fashion.

Why Select Us?

Quality Affirmation: We prioritize quality, guaranteeing that every piece of clothing is made with the leading materials.

Fashion-Forward: Our collections are continuously upgraded with the most recent patterns, keeping you ahead within the fashion diversion.

Consolation Ensured: Consolation is key, and our clothing is planned to feel as great as it looks.

Worldwide Offer: Our collections are tailored to suit the one-of-a-kind styles of diverse cities, making it simple to discover something that fits your taste.



Highlighted Pieces

Our included things, such as the Beverly Slopes hoodie and the pink Los Angeles sweatshirt, are culmination illustrations of how we mix fashion and comfort. These pieces are not as they were in vogue but too flexible, making them reasonable for different events and settings.

Beverly Slopes Hoodie

Beverly Slopes Hoodie

The Beverly Slopes hoodie offers a sumptuous however casual see. It's perfect for both relaxing at domestic and venturing out in fashion. Made with high-quality materials, it guarantees consolation and solidness, making it a staple in your closet.

Pink Los Angeles

Pink Los Angeles


Stand out with our pink Los Angeles sweatshirt. This dynamic piece is idealize for including a pop of color in your outfit. Whether you're within the enthusiastic boulevards of São Paulo or the enthusiastic neighborhoods of Mexico City, this sweatshirt will make you sparkle.

Our architect, Ingrid Wittmann, guarantees that each piece is made with attention to detail and an enthusiasm for design. Her interesting touch can be seen within the carefully curated plans and the high-quality craftsmanship of our clothing.

Connect Our Fashion Community

Connect Our Fashion Community

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Last Considerations

Fashion could be a reflection of your identity, and our objective is to assist you express yourself through a la mode and comfortable clothing. Investigate our collections nowadays and discover the culminated pieces to promote your wardrobe, whether you're in Paris, Unused York, São Paulo, or Mexico City.

Shop now and encounter the best in design and consolation, all in one put. Your idealized equipment is standing by!